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The offer of FarmGEM sprayers is constantly evolving based on the requests from our customers about the introduction of newer and newer facilities. Just like all FarmGEM machines and the newly introduced facilities, they are largely the ideas of the Directors of the company: Terry Fixter – General Director, Cliff Buck – Director of Sales and Marketing, as well as Brian Knight and Mike Would who have extensive and rich knowledge and experience on how to design sprayers.
All FarmGEM products are manufactured in accordance with the specifications of the British market and its requirements, and as was in the case of previously produced high-quality range of Gem sprayers, durability and ease of use remain our priority.

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We are confident and sure of our new range of sprayers. Therefore, we offer our customers a year warranty and another two years for the technical features for all the models in the Classic and Millenium series. We are still expanding our dealership network. In order to find your nearest dealer please use the locator on the left side of the bottom of the page. If you decide to purchase a FarmGEM sprayer, our service technicians will be available to assist the dealers and help in case of need.

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